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Direct Visualization System

The launch of the Vedvision premium Single-Use Cholangioscope marks another milestone in extending technology in endoscopy care. High-resolution imaging with Sight Shield Technology enables imaging of the biliary and ERCP procedure – a complete portfolio of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for difficult procedures and improves endoscopic performance today. 

Product Details


HDTV: Introducing High-resolution Images brings a previously unachievable outstanding observation capability and durability in Pancreaticobiliary Endoscopy with High Image Quality Supports Reliable Diagnosis and Treatment.

Two Instruments ChannelTo reduce multiple access of the cholangioscope to the target bile duct during stone extraction, separate access for the guidewire is necessary for multiple stone extraction. improved performance using laser and electro-hydraulic devices, as well as intra-biliary lithotripsy.

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2.0 mm Instrument Channel: 
The large 2.0 mm instrument channel facilitates the use of a broad selection of endoscopic accessories while providing strong suction performance.

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Maneuverability: With outstanding handling of 30 degrees Up/Down/Left/Right and unmatched cholangiography access.

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 Automatic light control & LED illumination: to provide physicians with an even better view of the biliary and pancreatic ducts.

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